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Making a Safety Plan

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Leaving a domestic abuse situation is known to be one of the most dangerous times for the victim. To minimise the risk to you and your children, consider putting a plan in place.

You know what is best for you. If you need help to make this plan click here.

For women without children when it is safe for you, follow steps 1,2,3 & 5 as appropriate.


Making a Plan – Follow these five steps

1. Think ahead and be prepared

  • Know who you can trust? Think in advance about times when there may still be opportunities to safely leave your home with your children.

2. Prepare an emergency bag

  • Prepare a bag for you and your children. include medicine and identity documents, passport, birth certs, pps no.'s etc.

  • Do this only if it is safe to do so and if you have a safe place to store it.

3. Make sure you can access a phone and emergency numbers.

  • Keep your mobile phone with you at all times if you have one, alternatively call 999/112 from your safe house.

4. Know what you can tell your children.

  • If your children are old enough to understand, explain that you might have to leave in a hurry.

  • Teach your children to dial 999 or 112 if there is an emergency. Make sure they know what they will need to say: name, address and telephone number.

5. Stay as safe as you can within your home

  • Ensure that a safe exit from your home with your children is part of the plan.

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