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Creating a Culture of Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse-Presentation at Dundalk Community Church

We started 2024 talks on Sunday 7th January when we had the privilege to speak at another community church, this time in DCC - Dundalk Community Church, headed up by Andy and Trish Nugent.

We were so blessed  by the strong community spirit in operation in this church which is run completely by volunteers and the love of God.

The response to our short presentation on ‘Creating a Culture of Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse’ in our churches in Ireland was so real and so positive.  The engagement from the leadership and all the people in this community church is incredible. They live out their mission of being a Jesus church and actually want to gather together in worship to shine His light and love.

We look forward to the journey ahead, partnering with DCC and working alongside Andy, Trish, and the entire team. We aim to bring about positive change and restoration in people's lives as we live out the values of the gospel.


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