The Wellspring of Life Women's Refuge

Registered office: 42a Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Tel: 0871698329  


Registered charity (charity number  20204565)

Registered company (company number  636772)

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Ways To Give

Donate Now

We have been offered a building under very favourable terms, this will enable us to provide services to women and women with children. We need you to please support our fundraising drive in whatever way you can, and we would love you to be part of this journey to hope with us. 


A once off gift from the retail traders/individuals would be most acceptable. we would be obliged if you would donate items that are in excellent condition.


we need:

-couches & chairs

-round tables (various sizes)


 sizes excl the mattress)

-baby's cots (excl mattress)

-new bedding

-new towels various sizes

-women and children's clothing

(excellent condition, various sizes)


-large bookshelves


-non perishable food


Monthly Donations

A regular monthly gift allows us to plan efficiently and faithfully in line with our vision into the future.


We need monthly donations to fund our current building project, we need monthly donations to fund the following:

- Our current building project

- Salaries ( Industrial wages )

- Day to day running costs




Once off donations

If you would like to donate to our charity we would be grateful for any amount that you can afford. A little goes a long way.


Why not organise:

- A coffee morning

- A bake sale

- A sponsored walk



If you are the recipient of a legacy please consider donating to our charity. Why not leave a legacy to our charity in your will.



If you have any queries on making a donation call us or email us

Contact us

(353)  873881887