The Wellspring of Life Women's Refuge

Registered office: 42a Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Tel: 0871698329  


Registered charity (charity number  20204565)

Registered company (company number  636772)

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Our Mission

About Us

The Vision

As a faith-based charity we aim to provide a safe, peaceful, loving place of refuge to women and women with children who have been Emotionally, Physically or Sexually abused in the privacy of their own homes. We will primarily offer a place of refuge and we will partner with suitable agencies to further the growth of women and women with children. The refuge is open to all women and women with children regardless of their beliefs, it is open to all faiths and none.

We are so passionate to see women and women with children who have been directly affected by domestic violence walk in freedom.

Some years ago, our Founding Director, Martha McGee had a vision to set up a Refuge for Women and Women with Children who have been Emotionally, Physically or Sexually abused in the privacy of their own homes. This Refuge is called the Wellspring of Life Refuge and is a faith- based charity. What this means in real terms is that the staff and volunteers will be active believers in biblical truths and will embody these values in the care and provision of a safe, peaceful, and loving place of refuge, for women and women with children of all faiths and none.  










As we set up this refuge, we will partner with various organisations who are already involved in this type of work and our main aim is to provide accommodation to Women and Women with children who find themselves in abusive relationships. While taking refuge with us for up to a maximum of six months we will offer many services including:


- Accommodation

- Clothing

- Food

- Court accompaniment

- Social Welfare facilitation

- Access to Counselling

- Access to Courses

- Access to Classes


We have been offered a building under very favourable terms, this will enable us to provide services to women and women with children. We need you to support our fundraising drive in whatever way you can, and we would love you to be part of this journey to hope with us.





Martha McGee is a mother of two, and grandmother of four. She has worked in banking for over twenty years, primarily in compliance and governance. She is involved in Women’s Ministry and Pastoral Care for the past five years. She is currently working on a thesis as part of a master’s programme in Transformational Leadership with IBI/University of York. Martha has written a book of Poetry which has been illustrated by Karen McSweeney, this book is written specifically to raise funds through donations and is available on this site for a donation of €10.


Mari Ogwokahademe is a Social Worker, wife and mother, who is passionate about women’s issues and has worked in this area for a number of years prior to joining Martha and the Women’s Ministry Team in St. Marks, where she worked in women’s ministry for three years. Mari is an energetic, hard working woman who has caught this vision and has a keen desire to see it become a reality.

Des Curtis is a husband and father of two, he is a Church Minister who has had past experience of living in a refuge. He has been supportive of this vision for years and it is his heart’s desire to see it become a reality.

Obi Nwana is married with two children and has considerable experience working with immigrant youth groups. Obi is an experienced corporate communications and social care worker and is currently a project worker with the Peter McVerry Trust. He holds a B.A in History, A Higher Diploma in Professional Social Care, A Diploma in Christian Ministry and a Certificate in counselling and psycotherapy.


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The Wellspring of Life

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